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Regarded as one of the pioneers of the sustainable furniture movement, the Bina creed is one that adheres to a modern minimalist approach; his designs are characterized by rich, earthy palettes, bold silhouettes and the often-unconventional blending of materials.

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The once-law-student-turned-sustainable-furniture-designer, Thomas Bina has carved a successful design career forged from upcycled materials and exotic hardwoods.

An interview with Thomas Bina

For renowned designer Thomas Bina, it is the bold and unusual blending of materials in his work that characterize his designs. A Los Angeles native, Bina has the ability to balance classic and contemporary, born from his status as a pioneer and early innovator of sustainable design. His versatile range of pieces reflects a sense of elegant refinement and subtle departure.

Behind each of my designs is…

A globetrotting nature and a fascination for exotic materials. I love to create pieces that showcase their soul. Brazilian architects such as Oscar Niemeyer and Carlos Motta also made an impact on my creative process.

Wood itself was a huge inspiration...

Brazilian peroba, for example, is a beautiful hardwood that looks like elephant skin. It doesn’t need heavy veneers or a paint nish; it functions best in its purest form.

This exotic wood found its way into several of my pieces for Sonder Living...

Including sideboards, beds and cabinets, which followed my prolonged sojourn in Rio de Janeiro.